WTA Tour


Date of Birth: 5 May 1998

Country: Belarus

Birthplace: Minsk, Belarus

Plays: Right-Handed (Two-Handed Backhand)

Height: 5′ 11″

Career High Ranking: #2

Personal Bio

Aryna Sabalenka is a professional tennis player hailing from Belarus. Born on May 5, 1998, in Minsk, Belarus, she has quickly emerged as one of the most dynamic and formidable players in the world of women’s tennis. Known for her powerful groundstrokes, aggressive playing style, and fierce determination, Sabalenka has captivated audiences and established herself as a force to be reckoned with on the court.

Sabalenka’s journey in tennis began at a young age, and her natural talent and passion for the sport became evident early on. She turned professional in 2015 and quickly made an impact, climbing the ranks with her impressive performances on the ITF Circuit. In 2018, Sabalenka had a breakthrough season, securing her first two WTA titles in New Haven and Wuhan, which had her finish the year inside the top 100 rankings.

Since then, Sabalenka’s rise to prominence has been meteoric. She has amassed numerous titles on the WTA Tour, including her first Grand Slam title earlier this year at the Australian Open, where she showcased her exceptional skills and defeated the top-ranked players in the world. Sabalenka’s fearless approach to the game, coupled with her ability to hit winners from any position on the court, has made her a formidable opponent and a fan favourite.

Off the court, Sabalenka is known for her positive and determined attitude. She has a relentless work ethic and is constantly striving to improve her game. Despite her fierce competitiveness on the court, Sabalenka is also admired for her warm and friendly demeanour, always taking the time to interact with fans and show her appreciation for their support.

As one of the rising stars in women’s tennis, Aryna Sabalenka continues to make her mark on the sport. With her powerful game, unwavering drive, and vibrant personality, she is poised to achieve even greater success in the years to come, inspiring fans and fellow athletes with her remarkable talent and tenacity

Aryna sabalenka's Tennis Equipment


Aryna Sabalenka wields a tennis racket that perfectly complements her powerful and aggressive playing style. She relies on the Wilson Blade 98 racket, a popular choice among professional players. The Blade 98 offers a balanced combination of control and power, enabling Sabalenka to unleash her explosive groundstrokes with precision and authority.


Aryna Sabalenka proudly represents Nike as her sponsor, showcasing their iconic swoosh logo on her tennis apparel and footwear. The partnership between Sabalenka and Nike is a perfect fit, as both embody a fierce and dynamic spirit in their respective fields. Nike’s commitment to innovation, performance, and style aligns seamlessly with Sabalenka’s powerful and aggressive playing style. 


Aryna Sabalenka opts for Luxilon Alu Power, a popular choice among professional players known for its exceptional durability and control. The Luxilon Alu Power strings provide Sabalenka with a solid feel and excellent tension maintenance. The string’s unique blend of aluminium and polyester construction offers a perfect balance of control, spin, and power, enabling Sabalenka to execute her aggressive playing style with precision.

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