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Date of Birth: 29 April 2003

Country: Denmark

Birthplace: Gentofte, Denmark

Plays: Right-Handed (Two-Handed Backhand)

Turned Pro: 2020

Height: 6′ 2″

Career High Ranking: #6

Personal Bio

Holger Rune, the young tennis prodigy, is making an indelible mark on the sport with his remarkable talent and unwavering determination. Born on April 29, 2003, in Denmark, Rune’s journey in tennis began at an early age, displaying his passion and natural ability on the court. With each passing year, he has grown from strength to strength, showcasing an incredible work ethic and unwavering commitment to his craft.

In 2022, Rune’s breakthrough moment arrived when he captured his first Masters 1000 title in Paris, a crowning achievement in his budding career. This remarkable feat solidified his status as one of the rising stars in the tennis world. The world watched in awe as Rune displayed his exceptional skills, agility, and mental fortitude, outclassing seasoned opponents and captivating fans with his electrifying performances.

Known for his powerful groundstrokes, speed, and relentless fighting spirit, Rune embodies the true essence of a champion. His dedication to continuous improvement and hunger for success drive him to push boundaries and reach new heights. With his innate ability to thrive under pressure, Rune’s rise through the ranks of professional tennis seems unstoppable.

Off the court, Rune exudes a humble and grounded personality, endearing himself to fans and fellow players alike. He remains committed to his goals while maintaining a genuine appreciation for the sport and the opportunities it has afforded him. As he continues to evolve and hone his skills, the tennis world eagerly awaits the next chapter in Holger Rune’s extraordinary journey.

With a Masters 1000 title already under his belt and an abundance of potential, Holger Rune is poised to become a formidable force in the tennis landscape. His unwavering dedication, coupled with his natural talent and relentless drive, sets him apart as a true star in the making. The future looks incredibly bright for this young Danish sensation, and the world eagerly awaits the greatness that Holger Rune is destined to achieve.

HOLGER RUNE'S Tennis Equipment


Holger Rune entrusts his game to the Babolat Pure Aero tennis racket, a powerful and versatile weapon that perfectly complements his aggressive playing style. The Pure Aero is renowned for its exceptional spin potential, allowing Rune to generate remarkable topspin and control over the ball. The racket’s aerodynamic frame and FSI Spin technology amplify Rune’s ability to unleash blistering groundstrokes and deliver explosive serves. With its responsive and lively feel, the Pure Aero provides Rune with the confidence and precision to execute his shots with remarkable accuracy.


Holger Rune has formed an impressive partnership with Nike, the renowned global sports brand, as his exclusive clothing sponsor. Embodying Nike’s core values of innovation, performance, and style, Rune represents the brand with distinction both on and off the court. Nike’s commitment to creating cutting-edge sportswear ensures that Rune is equipped with apparel that enhances his performance while reflecting his unique personality. From his striking outfits to his comfortable footwear and accessories, Rune showcases Nike’s iconic swoosh with pride.


Holger Rune relies on the outstanding performance of Babolat RPM Blast strings to elevate his game on the tennis court. The Babolat RPM Blast strings are renowned for their exceptional spin potential and control, making them an ideal choice for Rune’s aggressive playing style. With their unique octagonal shape and high-density co-polyester construction, these strings allow Rune to generate incredible spin on his shots while maintaining excellent tension and durability. The RPM Blast strings provide him with the necessary power and precision to hit explosive groundstrokes and deliver accurate serves.

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