WTA Tour


Date of Birth: 25 July 1995

Country: Greece

Birthplace: Athens, Greece

Plays: Right-Handed (Two-Handed Backhand)

Height: 5′ 8″

Career High Ranking: #3

Personal Bio

Maria Sakkari, a remarkable talent in the world of tennis, has captivated audiences with her powerful game and unwavering determination. With an impressive career that has seen her rise to a career-high ranking of world number 3, Sakkari has firmly established herself as one of the elite players in the sport. Her journey to success has been marked by numerous milestones and unforgettable moments. Sakkari’s performances on the Grand Slam stage have been particularly noteworthy, as she has reached the semi-finals at both Roland Garros and the US Open, showcasing her ability to excel on the biggest stages against the toughest competition.

Beyond her Grand Slam success, Sakkari has also showcased her talent in the prestigious WTA 1000 tournaments. She has reached the finals in tournaments such as Indian Wells and Guadalajara, demonstrating her ability to consistently compete against the world’s best players and contend for titles. Sakkari’s powerful groundstrokes, exceptional speed, and competitive spirit have become her trademarks, allowing her to overcome challenges and push the boundaries of her own abilities.

Off the court, Sakkari’s dedication to her craft is matched by her positive demeanour and sportsmanship. She has become a beloved figure in the tennis community, known for her graciousness in victory and resilience in defeat. Sakkari’s work ethic and commitment to continuous improvement serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes around the world.

As Maria Sakkari continues to make her mark on the sport, her unwavering determination and passion fuel her pursuit of even greater achievements. With her fierce competitiveness and unwavering focus, she embodies the spirit of a true champion. As the tennis world eagerly watches her rise, it is clear that Maria Sakkari’s journey is one filled with immense potential and endless possibilities.

Maria sakkari's Tennis Equipment


Maria Sakkari, a formidable force on the tennis court, wields the Wilson Ultra 100 V4 racket to unleash her powerful strokes and assert her dominance. 

This racket perfectly complements Sakkari’s aggressive playing style, allowing her to generate incredible racket head speed and deliver blistering winners from all areas of the court. 

The Wilson Ultra 100 V4 provides a harmonious blend of power and control, giving Sakkari the confidence to go for her shots without sacrificing precision. 

Its responsive and forgiving nature ensures that Sakkari can unleash her full potential, dictating play with her explosive groundstrokes and imposing presence at the net.


Maria Sakkari, the dynamic and stylish tennis player, proudly represents adidas as her clothing partner on the court. 

The partnership between Sakkari and adidas is a perfect match, as both embody a spirit of innovation, performance, and modernity.

 Sakkari steps onto the court in adidas’ cutting-edge designs, featuring the iconic three stripes, that seamlessly blend fashion and function. 

With a focus on comfort, durability, and style, adidas provides Sakkari with the confidence to perform at her best. 

The innovative fabric technologies used in adidas apparel ensure optimal breathability and moisture-wicking properties, keeping Sakkari cool and dry during intense matches.


Maria Sakkari, the talented and powerful Greek, relies on the exceptional performance of Luxilon Alu Power 1.25 tennis strings.

 Known for their precision and durability, these strings provide Sakkari with the perfect blend of control and power in her shots. 

The Luxilon Alu Power strings offer incredible tension stability, allowing Sakkari to generate maximum power and spin while maintaining excellent control over her shots. 

The unique composition of the strings enhances the feel and responsiveness, providing Sakkari with the confidence to unleash her aggressive game style on the court. 

Whether she’s delivering blistering serves or unleashing blistering groundstrokes, the Luxilon Alu Power strings ensure that Sakkari’s shots are crisp, precise, and loaded with spin.

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