Head Speed MP


  • String Pattern

    16 Mains / 19 Crosses

  • Strung Weight

    11.1oz / 315g

  • Head Size

    100 in / 645.16 cm

  • Racket Length

    27in / 68.58cm

  • Recommended String Tension:

    48-57 pounds (22-26kg).

Racket Data:





Head Light

Head Heavy

Images courtesy of Tennis Warehouse

Players using this racket:

Jannik Sinner

ATP Tour

The Boy's Reviews 😍

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of player is the Head Speed MP suitable for?

The Head Speed MP is suitable for intermediate to advanced players who value a combination of power, control, and maneuverability. It caters to players who enjoy aggressive baseline play and seek a responsive and versatile racket.

What features make the Head Speed MP stand out?

The Head Speed MP incorporates Graphene 360 technology, which enhances stability and power. Its balanced weight distribution and manoeuvrable feel allow for quick swings, while the open string pattern promotes spin potential.

How does the Head Speed MP perform on the court?

The Head Speed MP offers a blend of power and control, allowing players to hit with depth and precision. Its responsive nature enables quick and accurate shot placement, while the dynamic feel adds an element of confidence to your game.

Can the Head Speed MP help with shot consistency?

Absolutely! The Head Speed MP’s combination of stability and manoeuvrability aids in shot consistency. It provides a solid and connected feel, helping players find their rhythm and deliver consistent strokes from the baseline to the net.