Head Speed Pro


  • String Pattern

    18 Mains / 20 Crosses

  • Strung Weight

    11.5oz / 326g

  • Head Size

    100 in / 645.16 cm

  • Racket Length

    27in / 68.58cm

  • Recommended String Tension:

    48-57 pounds (21-26kg).

Racket Data:





Head Light

Head Heavy

Images courtesy of Tennis Warehouse

Players using this racket:

Novak Djokovic

ATP Tour

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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of player is the Head Speed Pro suitable for?

The Head Speed Pro is designed for intermediate to advanced level players who have developed solid technique and are looking to further enhance their game with a racquet that offers a blend of speed, control, and manoeuvrability.

How does the Head Speed Pro contribute to shot control?

The Head Speed Pro’s responsive and precise frame provides excellent shot control. Its balanced weight distribution and optimized string pattern allow players to place shots accurately, providing a level of control that helps optimize performance on the court.

Is the Head Speed Pro a lightweight racquet?

Yes, the Head Speed Pro falls within the lightweight category of rackets. Its lighter weight facilitates swift racquet head speed, allowing players to generate power and spin while maintaining control and manoeuvrability during rallies.

Can the Head Speed Pro generate power?

Absolutely! Despite its lightweight nature, the Head Speed Pro is designed to generate ample power. Its advanced technologies, such as Graphene 360+ and innovative string patterns, work together to optimize energy transfer, enabling players to hit powerful shots with ease.