What Is Padel Tennis?


Have you ever wondered, “what is padel tennis?” If you’re a fan of tennis or someone seeking a fresh and engaging sport to try, padel tennis is for you!
This racket sport, a thrilling hybrid of tennis and squash, offers a unique and challenging experience.
In this article, we’ll explore the world of padel tennis, its history, essential elements, and tips for getting started.

History of Padel Tennis

Padel tennis originated in Mexico in the late 1960s and has since grown in popularity worldwide, particularly in Europe and South America.
It has even spawned a professional padel circuit, the World Padel Tour. The International Padel Federation governs the sport, establishing padel rules and promoting its growth globally.

What is paddle tennis

Understanding Padel Tennis

The Padel Court

Padel tennis is played on an enclosed court, approximately 1/4–17 the size of a tennis court.
The padel court features walls made of glass or wire mesh, which players can use to play shots, similar to squash.

The Padel Racket

One distinguishing feature of padel tennis is the solid padel racket used instead of a stringed tennis racket. 
Padel rackets are usually made of composite materials and have no strings, resulting in a unique feel and ball control.

The Ball

The balls used in padel tennis are similar to tennis balls but have slightly lower pressure.
This reduced pressure ensures slower ball bounces, making the game more accessible and strategic.

Scoring and Rules

The scoring system in padel tennis is similar to traditional tennis, with some key differences in gameplay.
For instance, serves must be underhand, and players get only one serve attempt per point. The walls can be used during play, adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement.

Padel Court

Padel Tennis vs. Traditional Tennis

Padel tennis shares many similarities with traditional tennis, such as the scoring system and fundamental rules.
However, there are notable differences:

  1. Court size: Padel tennis courts are smaller and enclosed, creating faster and more action-packed padel games.
  2. Court walls: Unlike tennispadel tennis incorporates walls into gameplay.
  3. Equipment: Padel tennis uses solid padel rackets instead of stringed rackets, and the balls have lower pressure.
  4. Serving: Padel tennis requires underhand serves, and players only get one serve attempt per point.
Padel rules

How to Get Started with Padel Tennis

Finding a Padel Tennis Club

The first step in getting started with padel tennis is locating a local club or facility with padel courts and lessons.
Many tennis clubs now have padel tennis courts, and some even offer introductory classes or clinics for beginners.

Essential Gear

Before hitting the padel court, you’ll need to invest in some essential gear, including:

  1. A padel racket: Choose one that suits your skill level and playing style.
  2. Padel tennis balls: These differ from regular tennis balls, so ensure you purchase the correct type.
  3. Court shoes: Opt for shoes designed specifically for padel tennis or other racket sports to ensure proper support and traction.
  4. Comfortable athletic clothing: Dress in layers to accommodate changing weather conditions and select moisture-wicking fabrics for comfort.

Learning the Basics

Once you’ve gathered your gear and found a place toplay, it’s time to learn the basic rules and techniques of padel tennis.
If you’re new to the sport, consider taking lessons from a qualified instructor to help you develop a solid foundation and improve your skills.

enclosed court

Tips for Improving Your Padel Tennis Skills

Footwork and Movement

Good footwork is crucial for success in padel tennis. Focus on maintaining a balanced, athletic stance and practice moving quickly and efficiently around the court.
Drills that improve your agility, speed, and endurance can also be beneficial.

Strategy and Tactics

Padel tennis is a strategic game that rewards players who can outthink their opponents.
Work on developing a variety of shots and strategies, such as drop shots, lobs, and angled volleys, to keep your opponents guessing and off-balance.
Mastering the art of using the walls when the ball hits them can also give you a significant advantage.

Training Drills and Exercises

Regular practice is the key to improving your padel tennis skills.
Incorporate a mix of solo and partner drills into your training routine, focusing on areas such as serving, returning, and volleying.
Additionally, consider participating in local leagues or tournaments to gain valuable match experience.

Combines tennis and squash

Enhancing Your Padel Tennis Experience

Mastering Ball Strikes and Court Placement

One of the essential skills in padel tennis is learning how to control the ball strikes. Properly striking the ball can give you an advantage by placing it strategically in your opponent’s court.
Practicing different types of shots, such as flat shots, topspin, and backspin, can help you become more versatile and unpredictable during a padel match.

The Importance of the Service Box

In padel tennis, the serve plays a crucial role in starting each point. When serving, you must ensure the ball lands in the service box diagonally opposite from where you stand.
Failing to land the ball in the service box will result in a fault or lost point. Since you only have one serve attempt per point in padel tennis, mastering the serve is essential for success in the game.

Padel Match Strategies

Just like in traditional tennis, padel match strategies can make all the difference in your gameplay.
As you play Padel, consider utilizing different tactics, such as attacking the net, defending from the baseline, or targeting your opponent’s weaknesses.
By continually adapting your strategy, you’ll keep your opponent guessing and increase your chances of winning the padel game.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Scoring System

Padel tennis uses the same scoring system as traditional tennis, with points awarded as 15, 30, 40, and game.
Understanding the scoring system will help you keep track of your progress during a padel match and make informed decisions about your gameplay.

Embracing the Padel Tennis Community

One of the best ways to improve your skills and enjoy the sport is to get involved in the Padel tennis community.
Participate in local leagues, tournaments, and social events to meet other players, share tips, and learn from one another.
As you play padel more often, you’ll quickly find that the sport is as much about camaraderie and fun as it is about competition and skill.


Padel tennis is an exhilarating sport that offers a unique and engaging experience for players of all skill levels.
By mastering ball strikes, understanding the importance of the service box, employing various strategies during padel matches, and familiarizing yourself with the scoring system, you’ll quickly improve your gameplay and enjoy the sport even more.
So, grab a padel racket, find a padel court, and get ready to play padel – you’ll soon discover why this exciting racket sport is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide. Embrace the padel tennis community and forge new friendships while enhancing your skills and enjoying the thrill of the game.
Don’t hesitate to dive into the world of padel tennis and experience firsthand the exhilarating challenge it has to offer.


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