Will Dmitry Tursunov Deliver for Ekaterina Alexandrova?

What do we Know About Dmitry Tursunov?

Dmitry Tursunov might sound like a new name in the world of tennis coaching, but he has already made headlines for his tremendous success with a handful of players.

His recent stint with some of the most talented players in the women’s tennis circuit- Aryna Sabalenka, Anett Kontaveit, Emma Raducanu, and Belinda Bencic – has proven that he has some remarkable coaching skills.

While many are impressed, some are still sceptical about his coaching strategies as he seemingly struggles to have his partnerships last more than a few months. The recent second-round loss of his new player, Ekaterina Alexandrova, has sparked quite a few debates among tennis fans.

Today, we will take a deep dive into Tursunov’s coaching journey and what we can expect from his new player.

Tursunov’s Coaching Journey:

Tursunov’s journey as a tennis coach started with Sabalenka back in 2019, and since then, there was no turning back. Sabalenka, who was struggling to deliver her best game, turned things around under Tursunov’s guidance. She won multiple titles in their time together and became one of the most dominant players on the WTA tour. Tursunov’s coaching method is dynamic – he blends aggression with strategic game plans, observes the opponent’s weaknesses, and adjusts their players’ game according to that.

Sabalenka & Tursunov

While Sabalenka was Tursunov’s first success story as a coach, they had to part ways in 2020. Tursunov also coached Anett Kontaveit, who ranked 23 in the world at the time they started together to world number 2. Kontaveit is known for her incredible ball-striking skills but often struggles with her movements and net play. Tursunov’s coaching style helped Kontaveit to address those issues and improve her game in a way that she could capitalise on her natural skills.

Two WTA 500 Titles for Bencic

Another success story of Dmitry Tursunov’s coaching was Belinda Bencic. Although the two have parted ways with neither of them really going into much detail about it, their short time together was mightily successful. Two WTA 500 titles have Bencic currently sitting in the top 8 of the WTA Finals race even after missing the majority of the clay court season. Perhaps Bencic blames Tursunov for her current injury? We will probably never know.

The New Partnership with Alexandrova

But what about Ekaterina Alexandrova, Tursunov’s latest mentee? Alexandrova and Tursunov began to work together last week in Rome, but they lost in the second round after receiving a first-round bye. Alexandrova is an aggressive player, but she needs to work on reducing her unforced errors. Tursunov has already started working on her movements, forehand shots, and being more patient in rallies. It’s exciting to see how far he could take her.

Future Top 10 Player?

What would be considered a success? Her results are inconsistent but she has proven that when it’s her week, she can go very deep in tournaments. Can she be a top 10 player? Who knows, they are likely to be on a trial together right now and might not even last to the grass season…


Dmitry Tursunov’s coaching approach is unique and dynamic, and it is evident from the recent success of his students. While Alexandrova’s loss in Rome might have raised quite a few eyebrows, we must wait and watch how Tursunov shapes Alexandrova’s game. With his impressive track record, it is safe to say that Tursunov has a lot of potential to bring out the best in Alexandrova, and who knows, we might see her lifting a big trophy soon.


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